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The Seal in Context

The Seal builds upon and reinforces the work of the Smart Campaign for Client Protection and the Social Performance Task Force, both which are represented on the Steering Committee. No MFI will be recognized by the Seal that has not yet met the minimum requirements from Smart and SPTF. The Seal focuses a lens of poverty on these initiatives and, by collecting and sharing rigorous, objective, and concrete evidence of success, reinvigorates the role of financial services as a powerful tool and platform in the fight against poverty. Further, the Seal represents the first major initiative to focus on client outcomes and is complementary to and creates a simple focal point for the efforts of Smart Campaign, SPTF, MIX Market, and others working on accountability in the industry.

Read more about the relationship in the joint letter from the Smart Campaign, SPTF and the Seal.

The below figure demonstrates the Roadmap to Pro-Poor Microfinance.