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Resource Library / When does well-designed group methodology and when does well-designed individual methodology work best to strengthen social and financial inclusion and what are those designs?

Ana María Fuertes Eugenio
Nazrul I Chowdhury

Ana María Fuertes Eugenio, Professor, Universitat Jaume I, Spain Nazrul I Chowdhury, Microcredit Consultant, Foundation ICO, Spain This paper will try to explain what social and financial inclusion is and how it is related with poverty. Then will try to briefly illustrate some typical models of microcredit around the world and why some of those models are not able to reach excluded poor. A study was done in 06 countries across 4 continents around the world. Altogether 663 beneficiaries from 13 microcredit organizations were interviewed. From this data analysis, the paper will try to propose some basic principles of microcredit in order to strengthen social and financial inclusion.

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