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Project Initiatives & Partners


100 Million Project Partners:

The project is building partnerships with stakeholder institutions and organizations that bring a variety of expertise to support the 100 million goal.

The SEEP Network 

The partnership with SEEP will have a broad range of included activities and areas of collaborations, including:

  • Generating awareness among industry stakeholders about the 100 Million Project and its aims.
  • Facilitating outreach among SEEP Network members.
  • Promoting the use of reliable poverty measurement tools among SEEP Network Members.
  • Facilitating interaction among Campaign Council members on Campaign Commitments toward reaching Goal 2. 
    (Read more about Campaign Councils and Campaign Commitments.)

Visit the SEEP Network Website


Microfinance Opportunities 

The partnership with Microfinance Opportunities will include activities, such as:

  • Research on mobile banking (m-banking) solutions for the poor
  • Starting a consultative fee-for-service entity to help institutions successfully implement mBanking solutions for the poorest.

Visit the Microfinance Opportunities Website


Institute for Development Strategies, Indiana University 

Indiana University’s Institute for Development Strategies (IDS), has partnered with the 100 Million Project to pursue a research agenda focused on understanding the current state of the field with regard to progress out of poverty.  Areas of their investigations include:

  • Data analysis of existing Campaign data from the last 13 years
  • Research on clients’ movement out of poverty to date
  • Research on best practices among microfinance institutions related to moving clients out of poverty

Visit Indiana University IDS Website


Further areas of partnership are being developed with:

  • Grameen Foundation, developer and administrative home of the PPI measurement tool
  • MIX, which houses the most comprehensive data set for the microfinance industry on financial, and now also social indicators
  • Ideas42, a leader in industry-related practitioner-based and application-based research.

The 100 Million Project Partners will strive to identify and address the challenges faced when working towards the 100 million goal.  They will also be instrumental in two key ways:

  1. Building support for increased use of reliable and accurate poverty measurement tools to better ascertain current poverty downreach by the industry,
  2. Providing the principle voices in recognizing and sharing learnings from among the full range of industry actors about the best practices for facilitating client movement out of poverty.

The 100 Million Project is seeking additional research partners committed to understanding more about how the microfinance industry can best serve clients’ journey out of poverty.  If interested in proposing an avenue of research or collaboration, please contact Jesse Marsden, Research & Operations Manager at