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17th Microcredit Summit

"Poor people didn’t create poverty. It's the system that created the poverty. And, if we want to end poverty, we have to change the system." 
-- Professor Muhammad Yunus 

Visit the Summit website for new resources:

17th Microcredit SummitThe 17th Microcredit Summit was held in Mérida, Mexico, this September 3rd to 5th, and it was a great success! For three days, we talked about what we could do to change the system, to create new partnerships and new relationships and to develop products and services that will reach families living in extreme poverty. Together, we built a vision for the next generation of financial services that reach everyone and that provide even the poorest and most remote with the tools and resources they need to complete the journey to sustainable livelihoods.

The Ministry of the Economy and its PRONAFIM program, the State of Yucatan, and Nacional Financiera—our local hosts and event partners—provided their wisdom, organizational skills, and a beautiful location to meet together. Innovative leaders from around the world facilitated a dialogue around how we can craft financial services to serve as an essential tool that can serve the broader fight against poverty. Others shared strategies for reaching those living in poverty, such as savings groups and asset-building cash transfer programs, and the challenges that come with growth and scale, such as leadership development and client protection.

The Summit brought together 875 people from 60 countries and featured 160 speakers and presenters in 7 plenary sessions and 35 workshops. We recognized Truelift Milestone award-winning organizations for their exemplary work in providing financial and other services to those living in extreme poverty. We also highlighted the Campaign Commitments made by 35 organizations to take specific action to help bring about the end of extreme poverty, and 60 more individuals wrote out their commitments during the Summit.

Visit the 17th Microcredit Summit website for resources to come out of the Summit: session video recordings, PowerPoint presentations, as well as articles and blog posts from the media.

The 17th Microcredit Summit was organized around the theme "Generation Next: Innovations in Microfinance," engaging delegates in a thoughtful discussion around the challenges and opportunities associated with the growth and transformation of the sector, especially through innovative and best practices that accelerate the steps to reach full financial inclusion.

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